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    Our raw materials meet the highest quality requirements. Our products are bottled in Switzerland, Germany and Austria.

  • analysis

    Still not sure which supplements make sense for you? Fill out our online quiz and we will advise you online in real time about our range.

  • customizers

    As the world's first supplier, we can individually manufacture both capsule and powder products. Our customizer is just the thing for experienced athletes!

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Choose from a wide range of our standard products

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  • business customers

    Our business partners benefit from low procurement costs and professional service. As the only service provider in the German-speaking area, we can create individual products from individual pieces and deliver them at reasonable conditions.

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  • athlete

    We want to actively challenge and encourage active and future athletes. Our team of selected athletes is constantly growing. If you would like to become part of our vision, please contact us.

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  • societies

    Clubs promote social sport and make a significant contribution to our social life. We also want to get involved in local clubs and support sporting activities.

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