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Help Africa to help itself

January 31, 2022Björn Abbühl

Social commitment is very important to us. With White Leaf Nutrition we make a contribution to the fight against hunger worldwide. We do this by investing in various projects for climate protection, emergency aid and innovation.

Our contribution should not only be financial. We also want to make our production and shipping sustainable. Our profit is invested in more efficient technologies, better packaging material and ecological raw material production. We're still a long way from our goal, but we work hard every day to make our visions a reality.

We optimize our diet while the second leading cause of death worldwide is hunger - that's not fair.

That's why we donate 1% of our sales to the aid organization Jam Switzerland.

With this we finance the equivalent of three servings of JAM porridge at our partner school in Luwe, Angola (see map below) for every franc donated.

The portion consists of a specially developed porridge that covers 75% of a child's daily requirement.

We work together with Jam Switzerland, which is committed to the motto "Help Africa help itself" in four areas.


Millions of children are still suffering in Africa. JAM Switzerland fights children's hunger and thirst directly at school and at the same time enables their education. Help give these children a new perspective. It only takes 7.50 francs a month to provide a child with the life-saving JAM porridge every school day.

well construction

In rural Africa, many people are forced to drink contaminated and disease-causing water. The day when the JAM drilling team arrives is described by many as the happiest day of their lives. We drill deep water wells, install hand pumps, train the villagers in water and hygiene management and set up a local water committee.


Through various agricultural projects, such as school gardens, small farms or community agriculture, JAM supports people in Africa in producing their own food. All projects have training, practical implementation and support from JAM.

in common

Operations in Africa

Teams of volunteers collect money in Switzerland and then travel to Africa with JAM to help out. We renovate schools, build playgrounds or create gardens. In this way we support the commitment of the locals and create child-friendly play and learning environments. Many participants tell us retrospectively that the aid mission has positively inspired and shaped them for their whole lives.

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